Production process

We at Kerpi EOOD mainly cooperate with suppliers of sunflower seeds which are farmers in Northern Bulgaria. With more of them we have built long-term partnerships, which guarantees the quality of our basic raw material.

The quality control begins with the adoption of the raw material at our Base for cleaning and calibration of seeds. We perform analysis of the average representative sample in company laboratories equipped with modern equipment for control and analysis of raw materials.

The cleaning and calibration of the products are made ​by production line machines of leading companies in the cleaning machines industry. We apply continuous quality control of baseline fractions, which are stocked for further processing - packaging, peeling and pelleting.

The production line for peeling sunflower is also built with equipment from leading companies in the branch. The quality control of products is strict and permanent.

Here, in Kerpi EOOD we developed and implementing a program for waste management. The main objectives of the program are:

 reducing and limiting the adverse environmental impacts arising from operations of the company.
improvement of the efficiency of resources beeng used.
presence of a healthy and safe working environment.

The technological waste from our production is processed at 98%. It is transformed to pellet fuel, which is widely used and considered as one of the environmentally friendly ways of heating that fits in our company policy to protect the environment.

The last step - packaging the product in the package requested by the client is covered by equipment for aspiration, color separation, and separation based on relative density (included Photo sorting and X-Ray machines) followed by weight scale for different packages. This in turn guarantees non-atypical and foreign bodies in the final product.

The other major proportion of the activity of Kerpi EOOD is roasting and packaging of nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Such production is performed with the help of most modern equipment from leading manufacturers of machines for the food industry. Following the latest trends, all our products are packed in a protected environment, allowing the taste, odor and color of the product to remain for a longer period of time.

We perform strict and reliable control through integrated systems for tracking the main raw materials such as:

• RFID system for tracing of lots and available stocks.
• systems for continuous monitoring and recording of temperature and moisture in storage premises.
• system for continuous monitoring of parameters during thermal processing of the products.

Throughout the production process we carry out continuous monitoring of critical control points. From each batch produced product we take medium control samples. The main policy of the company is related to quality control and over a fixed period of time we send samples of our products for testing in an accredited laboratories.

The management of Kerpi EOOD has developed, adopted and maintains a Food Safety and Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 international standarts, as certified by TÜV RB.